About Stephanie

In November 2012, I gave birth to an adorable little girl who would become my muse. After years of thinking I couldn’t do photography for a living (once I knew I hated shooting weddings) – Zoey made me fall in love with taking images of babies (starting with her)… their little smiles in their sleep, their tiny curled up toes, their broad grins and bright eyes that say so much while they are still too young to talk. I began posting photos of her that I took on my “hobby camera” and friends began asking if they could pay me to do their child’s photos. So I gave it a try. I still owned a successful graphic design & marketing firm – a career I’d built over 15 years (yay for all that PhotoShop knowledge). As far as I knew, this would just be a hobby, maybe an extra money maker.

But by the end of 2014 – just a little over a year after my first session – I felt that this was what I was made to do. I had discovered that it wasn’t just about those baby grins and baby toes… It was this season of life with these families. It was about new moms and their courageous birth stories, new sleep-deprived dads nodding off on my couch during newborn sessions, and all of them sitting together for their first family photo – no longer a family of 2, but 3. It was about children learning to become older siblings. It was about bigger families who had rough years, who were just happy to all be together for one more picture. I had spent my career in marketing helping people chase their dreams. And here I was having this dream evolve in my heart and I knew I had to chase it.

In 2016, this career I was told could never be had become more profitable than my other business ventures. So I closed my graphic design & marketing firm to focus solely on my babies and my families and Stephanie Resch Photography (as a business all on its own) was officially created.

I have accomplished a lot in a few years. My photos have been voted in the Top 10% of the world in the world’s largest photography contest. I was honored to be a finalist as the Best Photographer in Wilson County 2018 & 2019 (winning it in 2019). I have photographed over 100 newborns, hundreds of babies in total and hundreds of beautiful families. I’ve created a unique Christmas photo experience with our real-life Winter Wonderland we build each year. But the best success? The beautiful relationships I’ve made with my tiny clients and their parents. With all the amazing photographers in the area, it’s genuinely my greatest honor any time someone selects me to take their photos – especially when they hand over their baby only a few days old.

With these great honors, I take great responsibility. I am fully licensed, insured and pay all my taxes – some that I don’t even understand (insert all the eye rolls). I have also taken safety training to insure I have proper techniques to handle my tiniest clients. And though I’m not “certified” – I consider myself a top notch baby shoosher (whisperer) as well as an all out goofy girl who will do whatever it takes to make the toddler who hates life crack up laughing (or maybe the dad – just sayin’!). The quality of your photos are very important to me, but the experience you have the short time you spend with me is my #1 priority. I want you to have fun. I want you to enjoy getting photos taken so that you continue to do it (with me or whomever). I want you to genuinely enjoy the time because that will come across in the images.

I would love to meet you and your family and have a chance to capture who you are in this season of life.

Side Note: In my free time, I write and go on adventures with my family. You can follow those adventures through photography on my Instagram.

Thanks for learning more about me. If you have questions, please visit my FAQ page or contact me. Learn more about my studio and outdoor shooting locations here.