Q?Newborn: Why does the session last so long?

It’s hard for many parents to imagine why they need to be at a photo session for 3 hours for their little newborn who just lays around. The truth is it doesn’t take me a long time to snap the camera and capture the images of your adorable little. However, there are also setups of scenes, wrapping baby, positioning them, etc. But that’s not even the longest part. The longest part is honestly just waiting on baby. They cry, they want to sleep but don’t want to sleep. They want to eat and then they poop and then… they want to eat again. But it’s all okay! That’s why we plan for a long session. So when you get here and baby fusses for awhile or keeps wanting to eat… do not stress. It’s all part of the process.

Q?Newborn: What do I need to bring with me?

Besides anything special you’d like baby photographed with / or in, here is a list of suggestions on what else to bring to make your session most enjoyable.

  • Food for baby: Bottled or Breast w/formula or Nursing cover (if you prefer one)
    I have a kitchen with sink, bottled water and microwave.
    I also have a privacy screen available if needed.
  • Snacks for mommy (and anyone else): I will have water, coffee & tea available. But since you will be here awhile, I suggest bringing a snack – especially if you are nursing!
  • Comfy go-home outfit for baby
  • Pacifiers
  • Burpcloths
  • Diapers & Wipes (I have changing & disposal areas)
Q?Newborn: Can I bring siblings for the session?

I absolutely adore getting sibling photos with your newest family addition! Just please talk to me and let me know who is coming ahead of time. Due to costs and setups, I have the following restrictions / policies:

  1. One sibling shot OR parent photo is included with the base newborn package. If you’d like more than one photo setup, you will need to add a “Family & Me” session to the package. Check Pricing for current rates.
  2. The included rate is for a maximum of 3 siblings. For additional siblings, please contact me to discuss our options.
  3. Bring everyone to the session dressed in the outfits you’d like for the sibling photo. ¬†I will capture these photos first thing.
    THEN – for the sanity of your children, yourself, the baby and the photographer (that’s me!) – I do ask that you have someone attending to the siblings. If they are younger and get restless, you will need to take them to play outside, go get ice cream or take a drive during the remainder of the session. I know this may seem inconvenient but I’ve learned the hard (HARD) way it’s really in the best interest of EVERYONE. While we have toys and things to do during a normal 1 hour session – there just isn’t enough to keep little ones entertained and quiet (we do love those sleeping newborn shots!) during a 2-4 hour shoot. I don’t blame them! ūüėČ
Q?Milestones: What should I bring for my child’s milestone session?

We provide all backdrops, props, baby wraps, bows, hats, etc. The only thing you need to bring is your beautiful child and any family heirlooms &/or toys that you’d like to have your child photographed with. We suggest bringing a few items like that to create special photos that will have extra meaning for a lifetime. We can discuss ideas with you via email or a phone chat prior to your session.

Q?Why can’t I see ALL the photos you took?

Yes – I take a LOT of photos. I snap a lot of photos during the session – especially with newborns – and trash about 90% of them. Okay, maybe not that many – but it’s a lot of trashing. Here’s why: There are a LOT of duplicates that you wouldn’t even tell the difference between. There are a lot of photos taken from a slightly different angle. It’s my tedious job to go in and pick the best images to give you. I take this part of my job very seriously. I will give you every image I think is worth keeping – including ones that are similar but just have a super cute different look in each one. If that means you end up with a lot more than the minimum promised, so be it. I cannot show you all of the RAW images though – it just wouldn’t benefit anyone to go through that extra set of steps. Trust me – I’m a mom – I’m not going to trash any special images. If anything, I give you more than I should because of that very reason!

Q?Turnaround Time: When will I get my photos?

Typically – your photos will be developed and uploaded to your online gallery within 3-4¬†weeks after your photo session is completed.¬†CD / Print packages (included with newborn¬†packages) are sent out within 7¬†days after the online gallery is uploaded, via USPS. If for some reason I can’t meet my turn time, I will compensate you with some free prints. I’ve never missed it by more than a few days due to something unforeseen, unless of course it is during the peak season…
* During the peak season (September – November) your photos may take longer to develop. I will notify you of timelines during those months.

Q?Do I get to choose my props / colors / theme for my photos?

All of our backgrounds are neutral in color and theme. Most of our props are neutral as well. However, we have some clothes and props that can pop in color. We will ask you about your nursery colors, preferences and any special props you may be bringing, prior to the shoot. I will do my best to coordinate at least one scene to bring out the colors in your nursery. Other than that, I try to stick with neutral colors that you can enjoy no matter how you change your room decor or style over the years.

Q?How do rain checks work?

If you need to reschedule your session 7 days or more before the shoot, there will be no penalty and you may do this up to 2 times. After that, you must pay the remaining balance upfront before being allowed to book another session.

Rescheduling: When something comes up (whether on your end or mine) I will do my best to get you rescheduled ASAP.

If you do not show up for your rain check shoot, you will be billed the remaining balance before you can book another session.

If something happens on my end, causing me to reschedule with you more than once (outside of the initial 24 hour scheduling period), I will be penalized. You will not have to pay the second part of the balance – which means you will be getting your photos at 50% off.

Q?Printing / Copyrights

SRP gives full printing rights to your photos included in your session’s package.

However, SRP does retain ownership of the copyright and you are NOT granted permission to use the photos in the following ways: Reproduction and sale of prints, photography / art contests where you are the artist (photographer), advertisements of any kind, or any way that seeks to create profit off the images. * You may enter cutest kid photo contests, but please remember to always credit Stephanie Resch Photography as the photographer in all such entries.

SRP will not sell your images, mass produce them to make a profit Рeither in print or digitally. We will not sell them to stock image sites or anything of the such. However, SRP does reserve the right to publish your images within our own marketing (ie: Facebook albums, our website portfolio and any ads used to promote our business). If there are specific images you do not find flattering, we will work with you to remove such images, but please understand that examples of work is the only way we get new customers. Therefore,  it is understood that we will use your beautiful images in such ways. We may also use the images for professional photography contests.

For any further questions regarding copyrights and printing rights, please contact Stephanie directly: [email protected]